How To Send Money Instantly Using Cryptocurrency

Do you send money abroad? Whether you are a freelancer serving clients all over the globe or simply making payments overseas, chances are you are well aware of the ridiculously high commissions charged by banks and remittance companies.

Hopefully, there is now an inexpensive and super-fast alternative to transfer money internationally — digital currencies. Unlike traditional fiat money, cryptocurrencies do not rely on a system rigged by multiple middlemen taking fees for moving funds around. Blockchain technology allows digital currencies to move across wallets instantly and for a minimum cost.

Apart from profiting from high fees, remittance firms like Western Union or MoneyGram also benefit from exchange rates. If you compare the exchange rate used by these services with the mid-market rate seen on Google, you can easily spot the difference.

With Crypterium, you can send money anywhere in seconds and for literally no cost using just the recipient’s phone number. Oh, and the recipients don’t even need to have a Crypterium account to get the funds. We automatically create one for them.

  • Transfer from any available balance
  • This service supports phone numbers worldwide
  • Funds credited instantly to the recipient’s account
  • New account automatically created for recipients without one
  • No fees charged, seriously…

Too good to be true? Here is how it works:

Get started by launching the Crypterium App on your iOS or Android device and log in. Go to the “Money Transfer” section and click on “Send Money”.

To send money anywhere you want seamlessly and without commission, simply select the balance you would like to use for the transaction. You can pick among all digital currencies available in the Crypterium App.

If you would like to transfer a fixed amount of money and not worrying about volatility, we suggest you to use USD Coin — a reliable stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar.

Next, click on “Phone number” to enter the recipient’s number from scratch or select one of your existing contacts from your phone’s address book.

As previously mentioned, this service works with any phone number in the world. You shouldn’t even worry about the recipients having a Crypterium Account. If they’re not our clients already, we will automatically create an account and notify them about the incoming transaction via text message (SMS). Once they download the Crypterium App and Sign Up, they will get instant access to the funds you transfered.

Now enter the amount of cryptocurrency you would like to send. There are no limits nor fees. Feels like a lot of freedom, right? Hope you enjoy it! Our system will automatically show an estimated amount in U.S. dollars below. Your funds are always sent immediately and for free.

If everything looks good, just click on “Transfer” to confirm. There you go! Your money is already credited on the recipient’s account and you haven’t paid a dime…

By Crypterium

Crypterium is leading fintech startup awarded by KPMG and H2Ventures. Our all-in-one mobile wallet lets you store, buy, send, cash out and spend digital currencies with the same ease as traditional money. Trusted by over 500,000+ users worldwide.

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